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Welcome to the cyber-camp of Colorado Front Range Bluegrass Band, Camptown.  Thanks for dropping by!  The site is a little on a content-limited side right now, but we're working to remedy that.  You can do you part by sending us any pictures of the band in action, or cavorting with you or your friends at some music event. 

Better yet, check the Shows section and come out and see us live.  We need you.  Believe me, we've tried playing these shows without you and it kinda sucks. 


"Winter is Coming" 

No wait, that's "Game of Thrones".  Actually, Spring is here, summer is coming, and we've still been too busy to get together a new photo shoot.  If you've seen us lately, you know the current personnel is different in several ways from the promo photos. 

Our fiddling friend Jean Ballhorn has moved on to immerse herself in some other projects.  We look forward to picking at music parties and such, and seeing what she's up to next.

Our other fiddling/mandolin playing friend Reid Buckley is galavanting around the country operating mining equipment.  Yikes.  That sounds like real work!
Come hang out with us when you can Reid!

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